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Any way the wind blows...

I've been in a crappy mood, and was tempted to do one long, bitchy rant...but then I decided not to. Because yes, there are things in my life that upset me/worry/confuse me at the moment, but overall, I can't really complain. Times change and people change, but some things just stick. And so, I now present to you my list of loves, in order of how they appear on my userinfo page:

I love Amy because she keeps me amused in stat class, always has tales of drama, and rescued me from my section in marching band quite frequently.

I love Swati because she was one of the only reasons I survived Princeton Review. Snowball fights, anyone?

I love Jackie because we share a mind and obsessions that will most likely get us sent to hell on the express train. With plans to change the English language, take over the world, and sip mai tais in London, you can't go wrong!

I love Marianne because she's my twin and she's the most bestest person in the world, even if she does eat her ducks. And she is my partner in crime -- we can confuse anybody when we're together!

I love Dani because she kept me sane during CCD for God knows how many years. Really, it's an amazing feat, and I shall never forget it.

I love Mollie because she is refreshingly blunt and great fun to talk to. Although it would have been nice to have a class with her ONCE in four years of high school... ah well, we've had to settle for lunches but it's worked out okay. And she was the first one to really call me Mar, basically changing my life forever. *grin*

I love Lauren because she never fails to entertain me, whether it be with stories or pieces of paper with strategically placed holes. She is also up there with Amy for being a band buddy.

I love Liz C because she's been one of my best friends since I was the bitchiest five year old on the planet. That takes skill. Also for her blatant disrespect of Wilt and allowing me to poke her whenever I feel like it.

I love Georgia because she is one of the few people I can spend almost literally my entire summer with and not get sick of. Even if she does still mock me for turning on the candles a full five years after the fact.

I love Lela because everybody needs a Kentucky friend! Plus she keeps me updated on the guy drama in her life, making me feel like I'm living in a Catholic school soap opera. I love it.

I love Liz S because she gave me a "Happy 1st Christmas" card in 8th grade that I still have. She has always made me laugh, and has redeemed Mount in my eyes.

I love Jen because she's always saving my butt academics wise, and she's a total sweetie, even if she does always seem to forget that her house is not that far out of my way to school.

Obviously, there are more people I love in my life, but I don't know if they read this LJ so I shan't bother now. But if by chance one does read this and becomes offended that he/she/it was not named, I will by all means made an addition to this entry.

Like I said...times change, people change, but I can't forget what's at the core, what first made me go "this is a great person and I'm glad we're friends." And for this I thank you all. Much love.
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