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I was wondering...


UD or Villanova?

UD Pro's
Got into the honors program
Tis a very good school and getting better every day
Did I mention it was cheap?
This means fewer loans to work off later
As an honors student, I could audition for free music lessons
The music lessons are taught by Prof. G, whom I adore
Will be easier to do a major and a minor

UD Con's
Afraid it will be just like high school
Seeing the same people
Feels like a bit of a letdown to go
Afraid I'll hang out too much with my old friend and not branch out
Not overly fond of Newark

Villanova Pro's
Very good school
Got *very* selective this year
Gorgeous campus, smaller than UD
Really good chicken sandwiches and brownies
Seems a bit more...close-knit than UD
Emphasis on community involvement
Get a laptop and free computer service
Sister-in-law loved it, says it helped her

Villanova Con's
Absurdly expensive
Will probably get more expensive next year
Weak music program
On the conservative side
Not much diversity, lots of rich kids
Laptop's rather expensive (additional $2000/year)

Mum's pushing for me to decide tonight because I'm applying for a scholarship that requires me to put the name of my college down. Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!
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