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You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute

I find it rather amusing that I went down to the band room to simply pick up my flute, and ended up getting recruited to write a band booklet to distribute to 8th graders to promote the joys of the instrumental opportunities at Brandywine.

Also find is amusing/scary that this is the second time I've forgotten my psych book in two days. I think I have some aversion to it. Luckily it looks short, so I should be able to get it done before school tomorrow/in band. But still. I suck.
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lol, I think that is just what Satch does. He sits in the bandroom and waits for likely students to wander in innocently so he can give them projects.
Haha it was actually a joint effort between him and Tony. Tony was a bit more vocal, but Satch was certainly eager. They also advised me to never ever go to UPenn.

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Or maybe ... it hates me! How's THAT for psychoanalyzing?

Oooh, I know! There's something wrong with me and I cope by forgetting my psych book! Ooh, I am brilliant.

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hope it doesnt take long to do...