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They say I'm goin' crazy

Because I have such a mature sense of humor...

Set your media player to random, and write down the first 20 songs. Then add "in my pants" to all the song titles. Bold the best ones.

Maroon 5- Shiver in my Pants
Bon Jovi- One Wild Night in my Pants
Louis St. Louis- Rock n Roll Party Queen in my Pants

Bowling for Soup- Shut up and Smile in my Pants
Spin Doctors- What Time is It in my Pants
Jimmy Buffet- Volcano in my Pants
John Travolta- Sandy in my Pants
Eve 6- Leech in my Pants
Bon Jovi- I Got the Girl in my Pants
REM- Everybody Hurts in my Pants

Dashboard Confessional- Morning Calls in my Pants
Nu- Any Other Girl in my Pants
Lostprophets- Lucky You in my Pants

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Rich in my Pants
U2- All Because of You in my Pants
Jimmy Eat World- Cautioners in my Pants
Better than Ezra- This Time of Year in my Pants
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Suck my Kiss in my Pants
Van Morrison- Moondance in my Pants

Aimee Mann- Deathly in my Pants

My iTunes has a dirty mind...
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