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Like a game show contestant with a parting gift

I had almost been looking forward to this Canterbury assignment. Chaucer sounded like an interesting fellow.

But then I look at my assigned Parson's Tale.

A 44 page sermon on the seven deadly sins and penitence. And it's in PROSE. Where is the fun in that, I ask you?

I'm on the second page and already want to stab myself in the heart with a spoon. "There are [insert number here] reasons for [insert subject here]. Quotes [insert random saint's quote here], and quote [insert another random saint's quote here], and quote Jesus (because you ALWAYS must quote Jesus)." GAH!

I finally got a copy of the book that includes the tale, but it onle has it in Middle English, which is a bit of a waste, but it has some good essays in the back, so I'll return it next week. And I can't print out the tale, which I'd prefer to do so I could read it in school or something, because, like I said, it's 44 pages.

Note to Chaucer: The Parson was a good, holy guy. We get the point. Stop by page 10. Please.
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