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So I'll love whatever you become

Yesterday I googled myself and almost had a heart attack. The first result is for the Delaware GOP website. Ummm yeah. Not only that, but it then says that I was "the first place winner in the ..." so if somebody just looked at the google results, it would look like I won a contest for the Republican party. Which makes me feel utterly ashamed. I'm horribly amused and disturbed at the same time.

Spring break yay! All I have to do is read Hamlet, do my AP Spanish monster review, and actually go into stat review sessions. Fun times.

Ah well. Spring break!

I have to stop by Lauren's today to get my CDs, but I just realized I'm not allowed to drive with the new medicine I'm on until I'm certain how it's going to affect me. Which means I must sit around and wait for mum to feel like driving me. [sits]
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At least googling yourself doesn't reveal that you've been handcuffed to Marianne M. ;)
Ah yes, thank Jim for small favors.