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You're nothing but a bitch on strings

Site of the Day

Now you may click on and go, "MARIANNE! I AM SHOCKED AND APPALLED! WHAT KIND OF SITES ARE *YOU* LOOKING AT?!?!" But hang on, hang on... click on any photo, the most beautiful one you see. It will be maximized so you can enjoy its full beauty. Then hold your mouse over it. Let your jaw drop, let the snickers escape...then play with mouse and photo as you will.

I could do a nice long post on body image as shown by the media, unrealistic standards, hypocrisies, etc., but I'm rather tired and lazy and I don't feel like it. And you know what they say about pictures being worth 1000 here you have 45 pictures, that's 45000 words. Take from it what you will.
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hahahaha, if you move your mouse on and off some of the pics, it looks like the woman in the pictures is shaking her butt. ahh, the wonders of $600 Photoshop software.

but on a more, errr...serious... note, 45000 is a lot of words. my LA is only 3780 or so. my first idea was to type 45000 words describing each picture, but that plan quickly fell through when i realized there was no way i could possibly bs more than i did on my LA...

did you go in for the stat review today?
OMG, I had JUST pointed that out to one of my friends! It's really amusing, isn't it?

Hmmm, 45000 words...according to my brief MSWord experiment, that's about 100 pages of single-spaced font. Be glad I decided to let the pictures do the talking, eh? I do like your plan though, even if it did fall through, heh.

I went in for stat on Tuesday and Wednesday... there were 3 others there on Tuesday and I was ALL BY MYSELF WEDNESDAY OMG AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Deleted comment

My favorites are the booty-enlargements...if you move the mouse really quickly over them it looks like they're dancing!
HA I know. those were really funny. :)