pennyandahalf (pennyandahalf) wrote,

Quick question to those at BHS: Monday is a 3 day, correct? I just don't want to show up late for study hall first period and find out it was actually a 2 day.
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good question, but i don't know. both school and spring break seem like such a blur...
oh my gosh! there is an "and then I found $5" group at Facebook!! And I totally thought of you when I saw that! I'm not gonna lie; I'm sooooo addicted to Fb it's not even funny!

but to answer your question (lol), yes, today was a 3-day. How was stat over lunch? ;-)
Is there really?!? I want my UD email, because I'm hesitant to go crazy on a facebook that I'm going to end up deleting. I'm just itching to join all these fun groups.

Stat over lunch was hell. But you knew that. *wink*