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It’s like a dream, no end and no beginning

APs are OVER! YAY!

English wasn't bad, the yayness of being able to write about Oscar Wilde was evened out by the nayness of having to write about effing Ethan Frome. I HATE books involving the country and go out of my way to avoid them...karma, I suppose.

Then Ruthie, Heather and I went to Charcoal Pit and were easily the youngest there. It was amusing. And fun. Because I like Ruthie and Heather. They make me happy.

Anybody else realize that next week is our last full week of school in our high school careers? O_o

Also want to point out that the best picture in the entire yearbook is on page 138. I love how it says Liz and I are fidgeting with our calculators and it's blatantly obvious that there is NOTHING on our desks and thus we must be playing Tetris. Hahahahahaha, oh, stat...

I'm done.
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